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September 9, 2011
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golau bore by jabberholic golau bore by jabberholic
Er nad oeddech yn gwrando - y pethau hyn yn fy atgoffa o rydych.


and yet—


digital work inspired by mr tarkovsky. it was like the breath of inspiration.
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enveuz Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012   Digital Artist
this painterly old photo-style is very interesting. Think you can develop it in a much more impressive way, it's worth of it!
jabberholic Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
oh, thank you very much. i like dusty atmosphere of such old photos:)
Lansay Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Wow I love the photo-like qualities your paintings have. I also appreciate the consistency of your work. Keep it up!
jabberholic Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
my very thanks.
tinayan Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Student General Artist
always, always in love with your works. something incredibly nostalgic about it
jabberholic Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
im's so happy then. thank you.
studiotodorovic Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
ghostly. sort of like a half-remembered dream...
jabberholic Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
that's cool!
nicephishsays Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
that's a beautiful sentence you typed up (of course, i used google translate to hep me understand what it said). i'm not sure if you meant for it to be sad, because i'm sure it could sound sad if you read it differently while looking at the picture, but i took it to mean something sweet. when i reread the english translation for it i think about a person sitting on a hill looking over at someone they like, and the someone is looking off into the distance, unaware that they are being watched. "while you were not listening, these things remind me of you," the person would think as they think about everything they like about the someone.

i really like the picture, too. your pictures always makes me feel like a fly on the wall, that is, i am looking into someone's life in some way. in this picture, i feel like i am peeking through a window. and there my breath is fogging up the window as i watch the puppy looking up at someone sadly. i kind of feel helpless, because it looks like the puppy needs saving, and i can't do anything for it.
jabberholic Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
it's such a lovely and insightful comment. it's very rare for me to receive such answers for every question i ask in my pictures. the text which you decipher correctly for me is a slightly melancholic but absolutely not dramatic nor tragic. i do love this simple track of solitude and sadness which is always part od everyday, normal life. i'm trying to avoid nostalgia but--- ah well. i do love your interpretation - is sweet but never too sweet.
and your foggin' breath on glass was a beautifull part too. thank you.
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