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i'm truly prodigal son, isn't it? but have mercy! i'm bringing my newborn fanpage Smoke&Steam! feel very welcome to pay a visit :heart:…
NOW.... I'm Master of Fine Arts.
(i'm not dead, i'm working on my master's degree project)
may peace be with you
i survived and-- uh, i survived :3
while all this 'end-semester' mess i always have the most unique ideas about totally different and NOT IMPORTANT AT THE VERY MOMENT stuff, like some animation i can make or whatever, some fanarts, everything.
and mysterious problem - when actually the most hot time is over and inf fact i can (or even i should) start breath life into all my previous ideas i'm always magically tranformed into brainless zombie which (who?) craves only for stupid funny movies on you tube or lolcats or God only knows what else. but now i'm actually super eager to start creating something nice or at least useful.

very suspicious.

...very, very disturbing.
sweet baby jesus.
final exams for summer semester. pray for my soul, okay?
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Hi guys!
I have to ask you for some help. Could you give an information about fantasy/science fiction publication house? or for example a publication house in which they printing books for young people?
I mean the name, or websites?

i would be veeeeery grateful!
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Scotland, Dundee.
(you said it was not inside my heart, it was)
Hello guys!
I'm sorry to spam you, really I am, but I have a problem and it is becoming increasingly stressful thing for me :(

On 29th august i'm going to Scotland (hell YEAH btw) to student exchange. Firstly i was sooo happy but when i checked more carefully it strikes me that - okay, i have some funds from school and partly my own savings - but that realy doesn't matter, it's not enough for stupid campus! those prices are horror:(.  

so i'm searching for a room to rent... but it;s not that easy for me as searching in your own country.

I hate to bother you, but maybe you know someone/something about accomodation matter? I need a room in Dundee, Scotland. It's 29th aug to end of december timeline. Thank you in advance, for anything you could tell me! I will be searching on my own too.
Give me gentle pat on head at least.
Kiss my forehead.

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(i want to tell you about
Crisis after crisis,
but I hate to bore you

nothing to say, i guess. i'm fine. i'm okay.

s o r r y f o r m y e n g l i s h

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AT LAST! till the end, my brother/swordman finally come back!
jesus, he was in some healthy hospital in beautiful park
near to beautiful forest
next to beautiful lake
in heart of beautiful land
but who cares all beauty if he's not in home?

{It's a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we're on our way to there
Why not share?
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

AT LAST!  till the end, my brother/swordman finally come back!
jesus, i made tasty chocolate cake for him,
i bought Nesté for him
i clean up all home for him
i think i'll give him everything i have
cuz' who cares all things if he's not in home?

{Doesn't weigh me down at all
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

3 weeks aren't 3 weeks at all.
it's 1 814 400 sec.
how incredible looo-oong....
but it's ok, it's ok at all.
AT LAST! till the end, my brother/swordman finally come back!

f e a t u r e d ** a r t  --> You should CHECK THIS in my opinion.

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it's all. perfect, broken world - thank You!

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(__)....  i comment because i care about You.
.............. i critique because i care about Your art.
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:heart: f e a t u r e d **   a r t  (i've taken this from my friend. thanks!):
the first ten people who reply to this journal get put up here, along with three of my favorite deviations by them.
the catch is: You have to put this in your journal as well, so no cheating.
You must have more than a dozen deviations that i can pick my favs from.
please have something in your gallery (photos and drawings), or else i'll disregard the comment, so - no cash, no wash!

* D O N E *

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